Terms & Conditions


General Terms and Conditions


All persons or companies with works in which they were involved under copyright law are entitled to participate. The submitter assures that the rights of third parties of the work submitted do not conflict with the intended use by Eyes & Ears of Europe.

At the International Eyes & Ears Awards 2019, only entries that have been broadcast for the first time on a TV channel, on a VOD platform, in cinemas, on the Internet or as part of an event, or have been made available to the public in any other way in the period from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019 can be submitted. For campaigns with several spots or elements, at least one of the spots or elements must have been broadcast or gone online for the first time during the specified period or must have been made publicly accessible in some other way. The same campaign may not be submitted in successive


You can submit your contributions by 1 July 2019 at the latest via the Internet portal https://eeofe-awards.org. Please register via the registration form on the internet portal to submit your entries for the Eyes & Ears Awards 2019. We will inform you by eMail about the successful activation.

Please note:

  • Submissions not produced in German or English must be subtitled in one of these two languages.
  • Please provide the jurors with relevant information on the key points 'innovation, creation, effectiveness, context of origin or use' (fill in the online text field or upload a PDF file).
  • All submissions must comply with the standard broadcast volume level R128. Please use only original music and sounds.
  • If you want to submit your entry to multiple categories, you must create a separate submission for each category and upload a separate video clip.
  • Only what can be seen and heard in the video clip counts: All elements of your entry, e.g. print and poster motifs, give-aways and other merchandising items, radio commercials or the Internet presence – for example in the case of an integrated campaign – must be visible or heard in the submitted video clip.
  • Black fades between different elements should be max. 2 seconds long.
  • Please DO NOT use any pre or opener boards with information about the title of the submission and the category or similar.
  • Digital area: Please note that URLs, social media, mobile applications etc. must be permanently available in Germany and Switzerland until the end of 2019 for review and evaluation. Please set up appropriate guest log-ins for protected areas and make them available with your submission.



Standard submission:  € 450,-

Eyes & Ears Members

Early Bird submission up to 2 weeks before official deadline

(up to and including 17 June 2019): € 350,-

Standard submisions from 2 weeks before official deadline (from 18 June up to and including 1 July 2019): € 450,-

Depending on your Eyes & Ears of Europe membership, you have a number of free entries:

Personal Membership*

1 free entry

University/Institutional Membership

1 free entry

Start-Up Membership

4 free entries

Corporate Membership 1

2 free entries

Corporate Membership 2

4 free entries

Corporate Membership 3

6 free entries

Corporate Membership 4

12 free entries

Corporate Membership 5

18 free entries

Corporate Membership 6

36 free entries

* excluding memberships for pensioners, job seekers, students and honorary members

For submitted works that are not awarded a prize, withdrawn by the submitter after the closing date or not admitted to the International Eyes & Ears Awards, in particular because they do not meet the conditions for participation, the fees will not be refunded.   


The invoice will be issued either to the submitter or the submitting company. The billing address must be complete and correct during registration.

Fees are to be paid immediately after receipt of the invoice by bank transfer. Payment by credit card or cheque is not permitted. Without proof of payment, the submission will not be admitted to the International Eyes & Ears Awards.

Bank details:

Recipient: Eyes & Ears of Europe e. V.
Bank: Sparkasse KölnBonn
IBAN: EN10 3705 0198 1013 0826 88
Reference: Invoice number


Only works that meet the conditions for participation will be entered for the International Eyes & Ears Awards and the evaluation. Eyes & Ears of Europe e.V. reserves the right to exclude entries from the competition if they do not meet the conditions of participation or if the association is convinced that they could result in damage to the association. For submitted entries which are not awarded a prize, which are withdrawn by the entrant after the closing date or which are not admitted to the International Eyes & Ears Awards, in particular because they do not meet the conditions of entry, the contributions will not be refunded. All submissions will be reviewed prior to the jury meeting to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions. If necessary, insufficient or missing information will be subsequently requested from the submitter. Eyes & Ears of Europe e.V. reserves the right, after consultation with the entrant, to change categories and edit credits. If submissions are not subtitled in English, Eyes & Ears of Europe reserves the right to do so subsequently. Eyes & Ears of Europe reserves the right not to award prizes in this category if the number of entries is less than 5. In this case, the entrant may be granted a free entry for the following year.


The submitter assures the correctness of the information provided. The submitter assures that he has read and accepted the terms and conditions of participation. By submitting one or more works, each submitter agrees to the terms and conditions of participation and the evaluation procedure. Legal recourse is excluded.


Claims for damages due to breach of duty and unlawful acts, claims for reimbursement of futile expenses as well as compensation for unforeseeable damages and consequential damages caused by a defect are excluded towards Eyes & Ears of Europe e.V. as well as towards its vicarious agents and vicarious agents. This does not apply if the damage was caused intentionally or through gross negligence. Furthermore, the limitation shall not apply in the event of a breach of material contractual obligations, i.e. such contractual obligations the performance of which is essential for the proper performance of the contract and on whose compliance the submitter may regularly rely and whose breach, on the other hand, jeopardises the achievement of the purpose of the contract. Due to errors through no fault of Eyes & Ears of Europe e.V. and printing or transmission errors which entitle Eyes & Ears of Europe e.V. to appeal, the submitter cannot claim damages as a consequence of the appeal.

In the event of winning the first prize, a trophy will be presented to the person claiming the prize during the awards show. In addition, a certificate will be sent by post to the winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes after the awards show. For this purpose, the submitter's details of the creative team will be standardized and used. Further trophies and certificates can be acquired by all participants for a fee.


The submitter hereby grants Eyes & Ears of Europe e.V. the right to show the submitted contribution(s) without limitations in terms of time, space and media within the framework of Eyes & Ears events, to use for Eyes & Ears documentations and/or publications and to store and/or file them at Eyes & Ears of Europe e.V. for archiving purposes, without remuneration, material and/or license costs and/or fees arising for Eyes & Ears of Europe e.V. in this respect.

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